Financial Planning Relies on Strong Relationships

Ray Snoei reminds LuxuryOrillia Contributor Andrew Wagner-Chazalon that financial planning needs to factor in the human element

A great financial strategy involves many components, but there’s one that’s too often overlooked: the human element.

“In every part of our lives, we choose to work with people we trust,” says Ray Snoei, a certified financial planner with Manulife Securities in Orillia Ontario. “Your dentist, your mechanic, your lawyer, your financial advisor… we find someone we trust and go back to them again and again.”

But what happens to your financial planning strategy when the strategist is replaced?

Ray spent many years working as an executive and senior advisor in big banks and has seen it happen many times. “I don’t think people would begrudge a young star the opportunity for career advancement or keep the trusted advisor from their well-earned retirement, but the result for clients is the same – it is unsettling and stressful.”

Perhaps it’s time for a change.


Financial Planning Requires Cooperation


Over the past year, Ray explored the negative impact of turnover on clients and raised the issue with many trusted colleagues and industry leaders. “All agreed there is opportunity to do things differently and achieve significant improvement.”

Ray credits one of his most trusted experts with framing the intent best: “We want to help clients with a spirit of cooperation instead of competition.” Great things happen for clients when life insurance brokers and investment advisors and accountants and lawyers and bankers can be at the table together. “More brains are better,’” Ray laughs.


Ray Snoe Financial Planner and Administrative Assistant Ian Snoei financial plannin as team
Ray Snoei (right) and Administrative Assistance Ian Snoei: Good financial planning is all about building (and maintaining) relationships


“Big partners are important too,” he adds. He found a partner in Manulife Securities Incorporated, that has a parent company that has been offering clients stability and longevity for 130-plus years. Anyone familiar with Manulife as an investment dealer, international pension manager, life insurance company or online bank knows of their commitment to being innovative and even partnering with competitors to serve clients best.

“We have also been actively interviewing established financial planners who recognize the strength and benefits of teamwork,” Ray says.

He and his team provide support to clients throughout Muskoka and Simcoe County, including Barrie, Oro-Medonte, and Horseshoe Valley.


Paying Attention to Family Goals


Clients benefit from working with a multi-generational team of advisors who are well-qualified and equally familiar with their story and family goals. “Clients need us for the long-term and it is our responsibility to be here for the long-term.”

“I want to ensure that my clients will always have someone they can call and trust, even when my own retirement eventually comes,” says Ray.

“It’s a succession plan built around personal relationships.”

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Andrew Wagner-Chazalon is the managing editor and CEO of Dockside Publishing, and writes about the luxuries to be found in Muskoka and throughout Central Ontario